tga Super Jubilee

Elisabeth Kopf
Raabs an der Thaya
2022 08 26

It's possible, it's possible!

Options Report for Austria

Alphabet of Life
Nature's Learning Lab

Design and Innovation inspired by Nature
Design und Innovation nach dem Vorbild der Natur

Biomimicry Thinking Design Process
26 Life Principles

26 Life Principles
in the Ecosystem of a Tree

Scientist-at-the-design Table: Timo Kopf (brother)
Artis-at-the-design Tabel: Elisabeth Kopf (sister)


Chapter 1: ABCD
Scientist-at-the-design Table: Daniel Bayer

Louse Font

designed by Johannes Lang
langustefonts lettermaking

Lausschrift von A bis Z

Apple Tree for Future

God does not play dice
... but we do!

Thank you!